An adventurer at heart, I felt called to a new life journey, and two years ago my husband and I sold our home and most of our belongings, and bought a 40’ trawler. We moved aboard that summer and after hurricane season passed, we left Beaufort for a year to travel the Bahamas, the Keys, the Florida coasts, and the eastern seaboard up through Maine. We returned to Beaufort and “Watershed,” our aptly named boat, is tied up at the dock where she patiently awaits the next adventure. For now, though, I know I am called to create and have set up my studio at The Atelier on Bay in downtown Beaufort, where I can be found most days painting with oil and cold wax.

My paintings begin in a very practical, process-driven way, but eventually my Christian faith will begin to inform the work. As I lay down layer after layer of the buttery rich mixture of the oil and wax, a message may begin to emerge. When I get a sense of that happening, I work the painting toward that idea, however, not all of my paintings evolve this way.

I am deeply satisfied knowing that each viewer will find meaning that is unique to them in the work. There is a timeless, cross-cultural message of hope in scripture and my desire is that my paintings will inspire the viewer to wonder at the grace and immeasurable love God has for His creation.