Randy is currently taking orders for commissioned pet portraits. Contact the artist through the link to his website below.

Randall Messina is a self-taught artist from St. Louis Missouri, and has been creating beautiful works of art in several mediums for decades. In high school, he placed all of his attention on art, taking every class available from oil painting to pottery. After graduating from high school, he worked briefly as a commercial artist before entering a career in law enforcement in 1979. After retiring from law enforcement in 2017, he has returned to his artistic roots creating beautifully mastered pastel drawings often mistaken for photographs. His traditional artistic style, "realism," reflects his efforts to maintain the warmth and passion of many famous artists throughout history.

Additionally, Messina is an accomplished photographer, often using his photographs as subject matter for his art projects. His photos capture extraordinary beauty ranging from wildlife to still life images from many locations across America. His attention to detail gives his photos as well as his artwork the warmth and beauty many artists are unable to capture.